About us

Omega Fan was founded in 2014 in Ankara to produce different types of  industrial fans, Omega Fan continues its activities by increasing its product range and production quality day by day.

Since 2014 Omega Fan; provides the production, assembly and maintenance services for industrial fans of standard series and also the design and production according to his customers requirements.

With the principle of perfect symmetry, it is aimed to achieve maximum efficiency and sustainability in every product. With this principle, it is aimed to reduce the mechanical and workmanship errors of the products to zero.

After the production all of the products are delivered to the customers after the balance, flow, pressure and engine values tests. The design criteria obtained by CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analyzes are controlled by post-production measurements.

Customer satisfaction is constantly increased by providing unchanging excellent service to customers before and after sales.

Omega Fan aims to be one of the leading companies in the country with its unique product design, production and service understanding.

Omega Fan, which made its first export in 2018, continues its efforts to become a strong actor in the international market.